Day 1 of 365 – 180 Degree Turn

Dear Fellow Human Being,

I write to you from my dining room table, after managing to finish a plate of what I choose to believe is the most delightfully authentic Mexican food to have ever graced my palate.

As I sit here, I’m reflecting on day one of my 365 day self love journey. I had to check in now as I couldn’t wait any longer. This morning I rose to the lovely idea that on this day, Friday, May 24th of 2019, I would begin to fulfill the commitment to loving & caring for myself. This thought was so enticing. I thought to myself, today I will nourish my soul and appreciate the little things in life.

Well, mother nature had other plans. In my city it rained today, it was the gloomiest of mornings as I drove thirty minutes to the office and I couldn’t help, but feel gloomy myself. I thought, what a negative start to my self love journey. Then it dawned on me, self love is not about the external, it’s about the internal. All I could think was: I know that. So then why was I allowing myself to be influenced by the weather?

To my surprise the weather did manage to do a 180 on me and by the afternoon is was brighter outside than I think it’s been in a long time. And with the change in weather, the general atmosphere at work changed as well.

So now I’m thinking, how many times have I let the weather bring me down? It’s not about being positively radiant when you’re not feeling it, but it’s about owning up to those things that bring you joy and realizing that the more external those reasons are the less control we have over them.

Just goes to show how much I really need this journey. I still have part of my day left ahead of me and I plan to make the most of it.

I hope you had a wonderful day as well, and that tomorrow is even better for you.

Best of wishes,


2 thoughts on “Day 1 of 365 – 180 Degree Turn

  1. I loved this! I am also so guilty over doing this! It is soo easy to let external factors change our mood when really we have got to learn to overcome it and focus more internal!


    1. Right, Mkay? It’s crazy really when you think about it, but awareness is in my eyes is the first step to rectifying this. Thank you for your thoughtful comment☺


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