Day 2 of 365 – Conflicting Priorities

Dear Fellow Human Being,

It’s crazy how things work, today I was put in a position where my values of work and family were pitted against each other. For what was exactly 25 minutes, I had to consciously make the decision to pick one over the other, each minute I waited. This created an inner turmoil.

While I can’t go into full details out of respect for each party, I was fully conscious of the decision and was full of anxiety. While my heart was telling me that family was more important, my brain was telling me that work was more important. So I rationalized a few more minutes, telling myself that family would understand. It was a great release when I finally was put out of conflict.

It was a very small choice, a small example, but it’s apparent size didn’t change the size of the emotions in my chest in that moment.

I didn’t allow these 25 minutes of my morning tarnish the rest of my day though. I had a wonderful time in the sunshine, and even did some light shopping with my family. My usual coffeeshop-stop didn’t disappoint, with the blended coffee hook-up.

Overall, I had a wonderful day and I took the day to really do the things that in my mind mattered most.

So I would like to ask, how was your day today? I hope you’re enjoying the night as much as I am. Beneath the embrace of the night sky, I’m wishing you all the best.

Sincerely my own,


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