Day 3 of 365 – A Day to Just Be

Dear Fellow Human Being,

How was your day today? Did you set out with intention to pursue a set of goals for the day? Or did you float through hour by hour solely based on impulses and internal desires? I wonder how your external influenced you today. Regardless, I hope it treated you well.

The truth is that today felt like I didn’t seize it with intention. At first, this had me beating myself up. The overachiever within me was telling me, “but you could have been so much more productive with your time, you could have worked on your goals. Now, due to your choices we will never get those hours back, and we’re another day behind to reaching our goals.”

I’ve come to realize that I’m okay with that. I’m at peace, because after all, I’m not living for tomorrow, I’m living for today. If that means that in order to keep my sanity I have to postpone working on my goals and hustling for my dreams, then so be it.

I don’t think that having a day like today where we do our best to just live hour by hour is wrong, because although I wasn’t constantly asking myself, “what should I do to align myself with my values?” I cut myself a break, and allowed myself to be carried by more immediate desires. The result was something I was quite satisfied with. I had a renewed childlike enthusiasm and enjoyed being spontaneous.

In reality, today ended up being a day where I spent some extra quality time with my siblings. There was next to no time for me to be pent up in my head, because their presence kept me grounded. In the morning I enjoyed the fresh morning air and in the evening, I enjoyed the sunset on my own and this was enough to make this a grandiose day.

There was no overanalyzing, just being and enjoying.

Tonight, I hope you would take it easy on yourself. I hope that you would come to peace with worldly imperfections, and embrace them. I hope that you all have a wonderful night, and that tomorrow is an even better day for all of us.

Wishing you all the best,


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