Day 4 of 365 – Consecutively Uninspired

Dear Fellow Human Being,

I’m here. It’s been more than a couple of days since I’ve logged in, and that is because I’ve been floating through life again. I’ve been doing so well, with the exception of a few particular instances.

I wish I had something of value to provide in this letter to you. However, today I don’t have much to offer you.

The Sun is shining brightly beyond my window here today, but it does not inspire me on this warm summer day. If anything, I feel its judgement.

I drove to Scooter’s today to grab a caffeinated beverage against my better judgement. I figured I would even pack a book and some watercolors in case I felt creative. Once I was in the parking lot, I saw all of the cars parked outside and went through the drive through instead. I took the long way home, hoping it would inspire some sort of insightful idea within me, but that only brought along pressure to get my act together.

Can something be learned from this? Was today a waste of time? Would I be happy with the way I spent my life today? Did I live according to my values? I sit here typing trying to come up with answers and I come up with blanks. I have no brain space left to think.

Actually, I would like to answer my last question. Did I live today according to my values… My brain automatically said no. Today is a day wasted, it says. Some school of philosophy would probably beg to differ, but I’m not here to discuss philosophy. If I died here now, I would be unhappy, because I declined the offer to go to dinner with my family this evening. I would be unhappy, because I didn’t have the courage to go to that writer’s meeting today or the hiking identification class yesterday.

But there is nothing we can do about that anymore… is there?

Find new opportunities. Yes, that is the name of the game. When in doubt find a new ship. I’ll do that now…

I hope you’re having a better day than I have. If I had to draw my emotion for the day on a graph, it would look a lot like a plateau. That almost sounds worse than a day with highs and lows in my opinion.

To a more inspiring tomorrow. Cheers.



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