Day 5 of 365 – Fostering Hope

Dear Fellow Human Being,

I hope you’re doing well. A lot has happened since I reported in last. I’m no longer an assistant, my aunt is no longer with us, but I continue find that my sense of self evades me. I’m still a sister, a daughter, a resilient woman.

It’s quite comical when I think about it. I do my best to not think of my past, but to look towards the future. I’m forever appreciative of what I have and the people in my life. However, that doesn’t stop me from catching myself in “what if’s”.

On the bright side, I’ve met some inspiring individuals in the past few weeks, that have given me a new sense of hope. I’m slowly growing the community around me, despite my fears. One step forward is better than none at all.

I’m working on restoring hope. I’ve been doing my best to fake it till I make it. Smile a little more brightly, run a little bit longer, look for the next opportunity. Your next joyful moment is right around the corner, I promise.



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