Only With You

I haven’t told you this yet

But the other day I was in trance

At the sight of the smile that danced on the curvature of your lips 

A smile so genuine and beautiful that managed to reach your eyes 

As you chuckled at the tale the barista told us

while we were waiting for our lattes.

I suddenly realized something fundamental.

Something so transcendental

Blatantly obvious 

I couldn’t help but think 

I’d finally finished our white puzzle.

It came to me like a hurricane

No, like a tornado of emotions as I admired your profile and your soft chuckle made a melody 

And my ears rejoiced.

I want to experience life

All of it’s highs and it’s lows

The crunching of snow on a winter day despite the coldness of the harsh breeze

The rays of warmth when the sun reaches out to me.

I want to walk the board walk 

And feel the mist of the sea as it blows threw my hair.

I want to taste the sweetness of ice cream as it melts on my tongue during the hottest day of summer.

But I have a condition.

I want to experience these things

But only with you 

By my side.

Dear Lovely Reader,

This is inspired of course by my idea of soul mates and an ideal love. Reality proves far more imperfect, but that’s what I love about poetry… It can be real in writing.



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