Searching for a Culprit

Do you ever wonder

If there are people

Who were born with ponds of sadness

Ponds that would grow to lakes

Locked up deep within their inner space

To keep from spilling down their face?

I think I might be one of them

Because I find myself 

Looking for excuses to validate my sadness



To blame the river of tears

That escape without consent

Discomforting those around me.

Preferably a circumstance

Deemed worthy

For the lake of tears

Welled up within me.

Because there is always a reason

To be sad

It’s only logical

They say.

Unless I’m just defective.

I think.

When did this start

I wonder

I’m left with tears to ponder.


Dear Lovely Reader,

I don’t know if anyone else can relate, but sometimes I find myself crying for seemingly no reason. I’m overly sensitive, and try desperately to hide my emotions from the world and it’s debilitating at times.

And although I hide myself away in the corners and recesses of my mind to keep from affecting others, I still manage to hurt the ones around me. Constantly asking for forgiveness for something I don’t think even I can control.

Have you ever had a moment like that? Where everything seems perfect and life couldn’t be better… But you find yourself feeling discontent?


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